The Collaboration Scenario Between Digital RMB and Harmony System Developed by Huawei Made Its First Debut

[ChainDD report] September 10 (ChainDD) The cooperation between Digital RMB and Harmony Ecology developed by Huawei Technologies Co Ltd was demonstrated for the first time at the 2021 China (Beijing) Digital Finance Forum held on the morning of September 10.

Based on the HarmonyOs system, the demo showed atomization services of Digital RMB, which allows users to receive and pay in Digital RMB. In the future, consumers can add digital RMB service cards directly to the desktop of mobile phones, and just click to receive and pay, bringing convenience experience for consumers using digital RMB.

At the same time, the Digital RMB card can also be transferred to smart devices such as watches with one click, laying a solid foundation for Harmony ecology to realize the vision of "Paying through everything".

Under the guidance of the People's Bank of China (PBOC), the atomization service of digital RMB will continue to be improved and updated following the overall promotion pace of digital RMB. More and more payment experiences of "Internet of everything" will be gradually online in the near future.

In addition to the atomization services, in the future, the Digital RMB could also leverage the advantages of HarmonyOS HyperTerminal to explore the possibility of directly accessing the digital RMB service on third-party devices that support HarmonyOS distributed capabilities.


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