Qinghai Province Will Comprehensively Clean Up and Shut Down All Mining Projects Related to Virtual Currency

[ChainDD report] June 10 (ChainDD) The Department of industry and information technology of Qinghai Province issued a notice on comprehensively shutting down the mining project of virtual currency. According to the notice, the regulator requires all mining projects related to virtual currency need to clean up and shut down. The following work should be done:

1. It is strictly forbidden for all regions to approve all kinds of virtual currency "mining" projects, and the existing all kinds of virtual currency "mining" projects should be shut down.

2. It will resolutely investigate and deal with the projects which set up projects in the name of big data and supercomputing centers but are engaged in the "mining" of virtual currency. It is forbidden to provide places and power support for the "mining" of virtual currency.

3. After that, it will carry out inspection and spot check on the progress of cleaning up and rectification. The mining projects related to virtual currency have to prepare relevant materials.


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