Jiangxi Police Cracked A Bitcoin Theft Case Involving Nearly 3 Million CNY

[ChainDD report] March 9 (ChainDD) According to China News, Xiushui County Public Security Bureau of Jiangxi Province reported on May 7th that Xiushui Public Security Bureau's Shanghang Police Station and the Internet Security Brigade recently cracked a Bitcoin theft case involving nearly 3 million CNY (about 466,490 dollars).

Shanghang police station received a report from a person, with the first name of Shan, under its jurisdiction area. The person said that he found the verification mailbox' password of digital currency wallet bound under his name has been changed. In his account, there were 8.236 BTC, valued about 2.96 million CNY.

The suspect, who has the first name of Zeng, explained that he had lived abroad for a long time, and noticed that the Bitcoin price was soaring recently. He was greedy and conspire with others to cheat for a number of emails binding with Bitcoin account. Then, he bought a large number of "black card" numbers and transferred and stole Bitcoin. Zeng transferred Shan's 8.236 BTC into his account 30 times, with a total value of nearly 3 million CNY.


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