Polkadot Published Polkadot v0.9.0, Deploying Parallel Chains to Kusama

[ChainDD report] March 6 (ChainDD) According to PolkaWorld, early this morning, Polkadot released a new version of Polkadot V0.9.0. This version includes client-side changes that enable parallel chains to work correctly. This means that when all nodes are successfully upgraded to this version, the function of parallel chain is officially deployed on the Kusama chain.

It also integrates Beefy and MMR (Merkle Mountain Range) as the "Polkadot-Ethereum Bridge" and Gavin's previously mentioned "Polkadot-Kusama Bridge" (once connected, 1% of DOT will be moved the Kusama network) and other cross-chain Bridges in preparation.


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