Chinese Banks Are Actively Recruiting Talents in the Field of Digital RMB

[ChainDD report] April 28 (ChainDD) According to the Securities Daily, a number of Chinese banks are actively recruiting talents in the field related to the digital RMB. For example, banks such as China Minsheng Bank (CMBC) and Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) have recently released job advertisements for positions related to digital RMB.

To be specific, the job responsibilities of the digital RMB management post recruited by the CMBC include:

responsible for the management and resource coordination of digital currency-related content, including product life cycle management, project resource management, marketing activity management; responsible for the preparation of digital currency-related material report; responsible for the development of digital RMB product program process, writing requirements documents, etc.

In addition, in the recruitment announcement for 2021 issued by the head office of PSBC, the operation and management department of the head office is also recruiting talents related to digital RMB. Specifically, it includes digital RMB clearing management post, digital RMB operation management post, digital RMB personal wallet management post, etc.


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