Report: Blockchain Technology is One of the TOP 10 Geopolitical Risks of Science and Technology in 2021

[ChainDD report] January 4 (ChainDD) According to a report released by the World Economic Forum, it stated that as governments, institutions and companies draw new boundaries in the competition for technological dominance, many key technologies would further exert disruptive forces in 2021.

The report author Abishur Prakash discussed the top 10 geopolitical risks of science and technology in 2021 and provided the latest information on the next global structural changes in geopolitics, including blockchain, artificial intelligence and many other fields.

Prakash explained in an interview and said, "I see the blockchain as the 'rewiring' of the world. Like the Internet, the blockchain represents a platform that encompasses various businesses, including national elections, financial transactions, the movement of sensitive information, and so on. But unlike the situation where the Internet appeared to a large extent in a unipolar world, blockchain emerged in a period of intense geopolitical competition."


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