A Large State Bank is Providing DC/EP Wallet Account Opening Service for Specific Customers in Shanghai

[ChainDD report] December 30 (ChainDD) According to the Daily Economic News, a large state-owned bank of China is providing DC/EP wallet account opening service for specific customers in Shanghai.

It is said that this bank was aimed at improving the account opening experience, and there was currently no relevant usage scenario. Besides, the bank's DC/EP wallet account opening service was only provided to internal employees. External personnel must be invited and reported by employees to participate, and the application number was limited.

At present, DC/EP APP has not yet appeared in major APP stores, but the bank will uniformly provide download links and invitation codes.

It is also understood that some major banks were deploying door-to-door promotion of DC/EP for companies in Shanghai. In the early stage, they will focus on companies that are on the bank's white list and have POS machines.


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