The First Blockchain Frozen Food Traceability Platform Is Launched in Yantian, Shenzhen

[ChainDD report] December 3 (ChainDD) According to the Shenzhen Business Daily, Tencent's "Cold chain food credible traceability platform" was launched in Yantian, Shenzhen. It is reported that all frozen products would be marked a "attached code".

Besides, combined with people's health code information, it is like a "itinerary card". In case of epidemic related problems, the platform can trace the whole process of the cold chain.

At present, Tencent's "cold chain food credible traceability platform" has provided reliable traceability services for market regulatory departments in Hainan Province, Shenzhen City and other places, as well as cold chain food and logistics enterprises.

The platform also assisted the government to prevent and control the potential risk of cold chain food carrying Covid-19 from the source.


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