State Grid Xinjiang Branch will Promote the Appreciation of Data Assets Based on the Blockchain Transaction Sharing Platform

[ChainDD report] November 19 (ChainDD) According to the People's Daily, the blockchain construction team in State Grid Xinjiang branch has completed the development tasks as well as the deployment and implementation of the data sharing platform based on blockchain technology. This marks a new stage of blockchain pilot construction in Xinjiang province.

Based on the basic public service platform of the State Grid Corporation of China, the team combines blockchain, homomorphic encryption, trusted computing and other technologies, focusing on scenarios such as the data entry and exit of the power grid application system and the external output of power grid information.

For sensitive data, the cipher text can be directly used for data processing and secure calculation without decrypting private data in the sharing process. It also achieves services like credit access and secure sharing, combines calculation of sensitive data and provides evidence from the chain through the stack.

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