Executive Chairman of Ant Group: Blockchain Is the New Infrastructure of Trust In the Digital Age

[ChainDD report] October 27 (ChainDD) According to the Securities Times, Jing Xiandong, the executive chairman of Ant Group, said on October 27 that Ant Group firmly believed that blockchain was the new infrastructure of trust in the digital age.

In his opinion, the core value of blockchain includes the reconstruction of a multi-party trust system, allowing the efficient circulation of digital assets, and realizing the transition from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value.

AntChain has not only ranked first in the world in the number of blockchain patent applications for 4 consecutive years, but also achieved platform capabilities that support 1 billion accounts, 1 billion daily transactions, and 100,000 cross-chain information processing capabilities per second.

At the same time, AntChain is committed to using these technologies to truly promote the solution of real business problems and realize more commercial value.


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