Report: DCEP Pilot Still Use QR Code As The Payment Method And Cannot Be Used Offline

[ChainDD report] October 20 (ChainDD) According to the report by Cailian Press, in the past month, the People's Bank of China opened the world's largest DCEP pilot in Shenzhen.

The CICC research report pointed out that DCEP App currently still use QR code as the payment method and the QR codes cannot be loaded offline. DCEP App includes a "touch" payment function based on NFC but it has not yet been activated. Pilot banks have provided new POS machines for test merchants, which are currently used to scan DCEP payment codes.

From the perspective of payment methods, the QR code is conducive to the rapid popularization of DCEP in the early stage of implementation. It is expected to become the most commonly used payment method in the future.


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