Economic Daily: the Value and Future of Blockchain Depend on How It is Used

Abstract : People were witnessing the madness of speculation and humanity in the crypto asset market.


Apr 21

On April 20, the Economic Daily said in an article "What's the Value of Crypto Assets" that people were witnessing the madness of speculation and hUMAnity in the crypto asset market.

According to the article, from the perspective of technological progress, some crypto assets have indeed brought benefits to creators and even intellectual property protection due to the application of blockchain technology.In fact, despite the hype, blockchain as a technology itself is neutral, and its value and future depend on how it is used.

At present, blockchain technology still has problems such as insufficient performance, low popularity and not recognized by authorities. However, if we put aside the hype existed on this special market, see more of the role played by NFT, for example, in IPR protection, reshaping digital entertainment and other industries, further improve the construction of blockchain, and give full play to its greater potential and benefit people, this kind of enthusiasm may be marked with a more profound significance.

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