MIIT: to Promote the Research on the Integration of Blockchain and the Industrial Internet

Abstract : Build a compatible and identity resolution service system that can serve the world.


Jan 13

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT for short) had issued a document named "Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Action Plan (2021-2023)". There were six parts related to the application of blockchain technology.

1. Build a compatible and identity resolution service system that can serve the world, promote the integration and innovation of identity resolution, blockchain, big data and other technologies, improve the ability of comprehensive data service , and enhance the supporting capacity for basic network resources such as domain names.

2. Build a blockchain infrastructure based on the identity resolution technology, support the deployment of no less than 20 integrated nodes in various places, and provide basic services such as blockchain-based identity resource allocation, management, and interoperability.

3. By 2023, the national top level nodes will have comprehensive service capabilities such as logos, domain names, and blockchain. The total number of logo registrations will exceed 15 billion.

4. Deepen the integration and application capabilities of "platform + 5G", "platform + artificial intelligence" "platform + blockchain" and other technologies.

5. Support equipment manufacturing enterprise to build product interconnection networks and service platforms, carry out product model construction and data analysis based on digital twins, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies, and create models for predictive maintenance of equipment, equipment energy efficiency optimization, and product derivatives.

6. Promote research on the integration of edge computing, digital twins, blockchain, and other technologies with the industrial Internet, strengthen the testing, verification and commercialization of integrated products and solutions.

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