Updated Information of KuCoin: Linked with Multiple Project Parties, Some Stolen USDT and Encrypted Assets Have Been Frozen

Abstract : Tether has frozen 22 million USDT; KuCoin has suspended multiple trading services; KuCoin will continue to keep in touch with relevant project partners.


Sep 27

On September 27th, KuCoin Exchange announced the progress of handling abnormal transfers:

1. Tether has frozen 20 million USDT on the Ethereum chain withdrawn from KuCoin, as well as 1 million USDT on Omni and 1 million USDT on Tron;

2. Exchanges of Bibo and Bitrue will help KuCoin track related funds. In addition, KuCoin has currently contacted 22 exchanges including Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Bybit, Upbit, Bibox, Gate, MXC, and BitMax;

3. There are currently 10 suspicious addresses:

ETH: 0xeb31973e0febf3e3d7058234a5ebbae1ab4b8c23


BTC: 12FACbewf5Fy9nmeaLQtm6Ugo5WS8g2Hay


LTC: LQtFoidy5TmLrPP77MZzgMRffqPsmRfMXE

XRP: r3mZvvHVLPtRWAujzBsAoXqH11jhwQZvzY

BCHSV: 15mC7zKbLyErSKzGRHpy6gyqS7GyRpWjEi



TRX: TB3j1gUXaLXXq2bstiSMfjQ9R7Yh9DdDgK

4. KuCoin will continue to keep in touch with relevant project partners:

Velo Labs will redeploy and replace the affected VELO tokens;

VIDT Datalink will freeze VIDT tokens that have been transferred to suspicious addresses;

Silent Notary announced that it would reissue a new SNTR and replace all affected tokens;

Orion Protocol has reissued $ORN via a token swap. ORN was reissued 1:1 via a new smart contract and automatically distributed to holders, rendering previous tokens (and, in particular, the stolen tokens) obsolete.

In order to protect affected $COV token holders, Covesting team has frozen tokens sitting on the reported address 

KardiaChain has deployed a new KAI smc and frozen all old KAI transfers/pending tx, automatically distributing new KAI to all addresses (excluding hacker's);

Ocean Protocol has paused the OCEAN contract. The team will update the community with more information in the coming hours.

5. KuCoin has suspended multiple trading services such as ALEPH/USDT, TRAC/ETH, TRAC/BTC, BEPRO/USDT, BEPRO/BTC, PLT/ETH, PLT/USDT, etc.

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