Securities Times: Blind Speculation Has Distorted the True Value of NFT

[ChainDD report] September 11 (ChainDD) Securities Times published an article yesterday stating that "the true value of NFT is being distorted by blind speculation". The article states that confirmation for digital assets, circulation, and transaction solutions provided by NFT has solved the digital copyright issues of art works such as paintings and music naturally.

Through NFT, artists can not only confirm the rights of works, but also obtain corresponding benefits from each circulation and transaction of works through smart contracts. This is completely different from the "one hammer" sale of traditional works of art, and it gives artists more protection for their rights and interests.

However, "the current huge bubble in the trading of NFT works is actually a consensus. Many players focus on the form of NFT, but not the works or assets themselves". Once the popularity of market decreases, the phenomenon of speculation will gradually cool down, the asset value of many strange NFT will also be greatly reduced.


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