ChainDD Launched Its First "Metaverse" Work: "The Crypto Folding Park"

[ChainDD report] July 27 (ChainDD) The "2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival" will be held from August 7 to 10 in the building "Folding Park" of TMTPost Media Group and ChainDD.

As an NFT work built on the well-known metaverse platform Crypto Voxels in the Ethereum ecosystem, "the Crypto Folding Park" is regarded as a bridge connecting the physical pavilion and the cyber world on the chain. It is the first time in the world to use the concept of "Metaverse" on a real building. It conveys the charm of digital art in the form of interweaving and interconnecting reality and fantasy. For the first time, it completes homomorphic exhibitions of digital assets, digital artworks, and digital cultural dissemination.

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