Weixing Chen: The Price of Bitcoin will Reach $400,000 in 1.5 to 2 Years

[ChainDD report] February 21 (ChainDD) Chen Weixing, founder of Pan City Capital and Kuaidi Taxi, released his views on the digital currency market this year on Weibo today.

He believes Bitcoin will quickly (within 1.5 to 2 years) approach 80% of gold's market value, which is $400,000 per coin.

Second, the market will begin to drastically rethink the crypto digital banking system and crypto digital financial system built on blockchain, resulting in crypto asset liquidity in the security category approaching or even exceeding that of the US stock market.

Third, the goal of crypto digital banking system was to build a society of savings. After the formation of relevant theories, it can solve the problem of unbalanced development of the global economy.

Fourth, the goal of a crypto digital financial system is to build an asset-sharing society, thus solving the political problems of private companies.

Finally, with the price of Bitcoin skyrocketing, the price of various tokens in DeFi area will be so chaotic that blockchain will become a hot topic for politicians.


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