China Construction Bank Has Launched the DCEP Wallet Named "Panda"

[ChainDD report] January 19 (ChainDD) According to the 21st Century Business Herald, China Construction Bank (CCB) has launched a digital RMB App named "Panda". If users want to exchange digital RMB through the App, they need to bind a bank card. In addition to the CCB card, it also supports the binding of China Merchants Bank (CMBC) card.

A CCB user told the reporter that he needed to apply to CCB and join the white list before he could download the "Panda" App. After testing, it was found that CCB's digital RMB wallet App could indeed bind the deposit card of CMBC. As for China Citic Bank (CITIC Bank) does not have the bank card, it is not sure whether to support.


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