The Founder of Findora: Crypto Market Needs Highly Efficient, Highly Available, and Auditable Privacy Cryptocurrency

[ChainDD report] January 14 (ChainDD) On January 13, during the "ChainDD Dialogue" event, Lily Chao, the founder of Findora, stated that what the market needed was privacy coins with high efficiency, high-availability and auditable feature. Ideally, these currencies also needed to be smart programming ability to develop various financial and business use cases.

When it came to the technical issues of private transactions, Lily Chao believed that the trust less zero-knowledge proof was the perfect solution for public chain.

In her opinion, it provides absolute global privacy based on mathematical algorithms and can be set for auditing. The security risks are small. The only disadvantage is that it consumes computing power. However, the disadvantage can be solved by the optimization of cryptography and engineering, such as batch processing, ASIC chips, etc. This solution is also the most promising in the market.


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