Hainan Market Supervision Bureau and Tencent Have Jointly Set up A Cold Chain Traceability Platform Based on Blockchain

[ChainDD report] November 27 (ChainDD) According to Xinhua News Agency, Hainan province of China is starting to establish a credible traceability platform for food cold chain by using blockchain technology. This platform was jointly created by the Market Supervision Bureau of Hainan and Tencent.

Based on blockchain technology and the actual situation of local frozen warehouses, this platform gives codes for all kinds of imported frozen food, and establishes the relationship between people and things, realizing accurate management of people, goods, places and vehicles as well as dynamic perception of the whole process of production, storage, purchase, sales and transportation, so as to make sure that the whole supply chain can be monitored and traced.

At present, the platform is being promoted in frozen warehouses of more than 1000 square meters, and it will be promoted to the whole province in the next step.


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