OKEx's Crypto Assets Are Quickly Flowing into Huobi and Binance After Its Opening to Withdrawal Today

[ChainDD report] November 26 (ChainDD) November 26 (ChainDD) According to the data form CoinHolmes, as of 17:30 PM on November 26 (Beijing time), a total of 90744.549 ETH and 67,482,182.814 USDT were transferred from the crypto exchange OKEx, which mainly flowing into other major exchanges like Huobi, Binance and Bitfinex.

It is reported that OKEx officially opened for currency withdrawal at 4 PM on November 26. Besides, according to Bitcoin tracking platform Chainsmap, as of 17:00 PM, 70.41 BTC was transferred to the exchange and 5681.79 BTC was transferred out.

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