Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province will Launch "DC/EP Red Envelope" on December 12th

[ChainDD report] November 23 (ChainDD) According to The Paper, a person familiar with CBDC development said that Suzhou would launch DC/EP red envelope on December 12th.

The insider mentioned above told The Paper that many businesses in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou had already installed NFC QR codes, but the payment carrier was still not implemented.

So far, testers have experienced DC/EP payment and can use the "offline" and "touch" functions. In addition, the related test in Chengdu is also underway.

According to a practitioner in the Chengdu banking industry, it was revealed that an invitation system of "white list" was being used in Chengdu at present. The DC/EP wallet (also known as "Panda Wallets") could be downloaded only through the invitation of employees in big banks.


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