Huawei Cloud Blockchain Service Platform BCS 2.0 Was Released

[ChainDD report] September 12 (ChainDD) On September 11, Huawei Cloud released the blockchain service platform BCS 2.0.

This platform is built on the container and K8S, with extremely high reliability and scalability, completely open with other cloud services, no issue of data expansion and performance.

In terms of efficiency, TEE based efficient consensus algorithm, TPS more than 50,000, while supporting 100+ alliance chain node network. In terms of protecting data privacy and security, soft and hard cooperation is adopted to enhance the privacy and security for users. In terms of ease of use, support RDB, SQL smart contract programming. In terms of ecological connectivity, multi-chain cross-system collaboration technology is adopted to ensure the reliability of cross-chain data, cross-chain process and ACID, etc.


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