Canaan Technology Responds to the Rumours of Infighting: Zhang Nangeng has Absolute Control of the Company

[ChainDD report] July 10 (ChainDD) In response to the news of the withdrawal and infighting of several senior executives of Canaan Technology, the second biggest bitcoin miner manufacturers in China, on the 9th of the media, Canaan Technology emphasized the status of Zhang Nangeng, the founder of Canaan Yunzhi, saying that whether from the development process or the equity distribution of Canaan, Zhang Nangeng has absolute control of the company.

Canaan Technology also stated that at present, while increasing investment in research and development of chips and mining machine products, Canaan is also actively seeking breakthroughs in the way of computing power delivery while making technical reserves for the second half of the mining industry.

Through innovation in three aspects of process, product and SaaS, Canaan will build an one-stop solution from chip to computing power delivery in the future.

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