Date: Bitcoin Hashrate has Continued to Rise in the Past Week

[ChainDD report] July 6 (ChainDD) According to the data from Tokenview, the hashrate of Bitcoin has continued to rise in the past week (06.29-07.05). In terms of basic on-chain indicators:

1. The 7-day average daily value of new addresses is 461,800 BTC, up 4.22% from the previous month.

2. The average daily value of active addresses is 918,200 BTC, up 5.89% from the previous month.

3. The 7-day average on-chain transaction value is 927,000 BTC, a decrease of 11.05% from the previous month.

4. The daily average transaction number is 318,700, an increase of 3.67% from the previous month.

5. The 7-day average hashrate was 23.10 EH/s, up 6.7% from last week.


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