Date: the Blockchain Government Procurement Cases in China have Increased 67% than Last Year

[ChainDD report] June 28 (ChianDD) According to PAData statistics, as of June, the blockchain government procurement cases announced on the Chinese government procurement network increased by 67% year-on-year compared with the first half of last year.

The total budget/transaction value involved in the blockchain is about 15.96 million yuan, and the budget/transaction value of the blockchain part of the case in a single purchase from 2020 to the present is approximately 1.596 million yuan, an increase of approximately 42.37% from last year.

The application scenarios of blockchain involve 15 subcategories. Among them, education and scientific research, government affairs information, services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, network security, and social security are the five scenarios with the most government procurement cases.

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