First Blockchain News Editorial Department in China was Officially Established

[ChainDD report] May 20 (ChianDD) According to Hubei News, on the occasion of the upcoming the National People’s Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference in 2020, the first Blockchain News Editorial Department in China has been established in the cloud on May 20, with China's 12 provincial mainstream new media as the first batch of member units.

This platform is initiated by Hubei TV Rong Media News Center, and is established by news stations in 12 provinces including Hubei TV Yangtze Cloud, Beijing Time, Shanghai Poster Industry Group Paper News, Guizhou Daily Sky Eye News, Jiangsu TV Litchi News, Chongqing Broadcasting Group First News, Henan TV Elephant News, Shandong TV Lightning News, Heilongjiang TV Aurora News, Tianjin New Media Group Tianjing Cloud, Guangxi Daily Guangxi Cloud, Yunnan Daily Yunbao News, etc.

Besides, this platform is the first news editorial department in the cloud in China.


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