2019 CHAINSIGHTS | McKinsey Senior Partner Peter B. Walker: China Is Ready for the Technology Age

[ChainDD report] December 13 (ChainDD) On December 8, the third day of the 2019 T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference, Peter B. Walker, McKinsey's senior partner, shared his opinions of China and his understanding of the current China-US relationship in the CHAINSIGHTS FinTech and blockchain China Summit & 2019 T-EDGE new financial summit hosted by TMTpost and co-hosted by ChainDD.

Peter admits that China is currently significantly ahead of the United States and even the world in many fields, such as mobile payment, basic science, and electronic equipment. However, due to misleading propaganda about China by American media, a large number of Americans have misunderstood China. To this end, he began to write books based on his real observations and experiences in China, trying to change this phenomenon.


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