2019 CHAINSIGHTS | Nobel laureate Jean Tirole: We Are Facing A Currency War

[ChainDD report] December 11 (ChainDD) The 2014 Nobel Laureate in Economics Jean Tirole delivered a keynote speech saying that we are experiencing or about to face a currency war. He thinks that this round of currency war is likely to be confined to not only tangible currencies, but also virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies, and will even probably lead in digital currency transaction problems.

The 2014 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Jean Tirole, delivered a keynote speech, which deeply analyzed the relationship between fintech and finance itself.
Jean Tirole believes that at present, either blockchain or other fintech technologies have indeed taken effects.
But he also pointed out that we all hope that Fintech can bring higher investment returns and higher savings income, but the question is whether this technology can make our world better or worse?
Jean Tirole said that emerging technologies will not necessarily disrupt finance, and transaction intermediaries (such as banks and financial institutions) are still very important.


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