The Data Shows the Popularity of On-Chain Transfers has Picked up

[ChainDD report] November 29 (ChainDD) According to Tokenview data, the transaction amount on the Bitcoin chain in the last 24 hours was 1.139 million BTC, and the number of transactions on the chain was 321,100. The average number of active and newly added addresses increased by 11.22% and 12.28% respectively over the recent seven-day.

In terms of mining data, the average hashrate of Bitcoin in the past seven days was 88.01 EH / s, and the average hashrate of nearly 24 hours was 78.7 EH / s. Yesterday, the total number of blocks generated by the entire network was 122, a decrease of 3 from the previous day. It took 708.2 seconds averagely to generate a block, an increase of 17 seconds from the previous day, and the total transaction fee on the chain was 39.87 BTC.


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