Micree Zhan Accused Jihan Wu of Malicious Means, Harming the Company

[ChainDD report] November 11 (ChainDD) Micree Zhan told Caixin that Jihan Wu used extremely malicious means without buding an inch which will harm a good company.

According to a source from Bitmain, Micree Zhan sought to negotiate with Wu but who did not reply to anything. Zhan complained about that and had a fallout to make a public statement on November 7th.

Zhan is famous for his temper, scolding employees and terrible at dealing with media and others. We learned from the source that Zhan sought a solution inside the company during his 10-day silence. But he had to resort to law, a field he just started to study, when his efforts for resolving within the company failed.


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