Hackers Gradually Transfer the ETH Obtained via Brick Arbitrage Fraud to New Address, Involving about 5,560 ETH

[ChainDD report] November 04 (ChainDD) According to CoinHunter, hackers began to transfer funds obtained from Huobi Global Official Telegram Chinese Group and details are shown as follows.

1. ETH addresses starting with 0x931ca95, 0xc6bee32, 0xfad950e, 0x6cf1bbde and 0x9e9d79 have transferred 2,533 ETH to an address starting with 0x3a6234;
2. ETH addresses starting with 0xbb95a91 and 0xe256148 transferred 1,128 ETH to an address starting with 0xc580a343;
3. ETH addresses starting with 0xa96923f51 and 0x2698da9d transferred 1,900 ETH to an address starting with 0xde36b70.

All transactions were conducted at 2pm, October 31st Beijing Time. CoinHunter will continue monitoring the flow of the funds and they believe that after transferring the funds, hackers will sell these ETH in stock exchanges one after another.


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