Japanese court dismisses Coinlab’s MT Gox Claim

[ChainDD report] October 8 (ChainDD) According to Trustnodes, the Japanese court has largely dismissed a claim by Peter Vessenes‘ company Coinlab for $16 billion, awarding instead just about $4 million. The MT Gox trustee said in an update at the creditors meeting held on Tuesday: The Court issued its decision on the petition for claim assessment filed by CoinLab, Inc. on August 30, 2019, under which JPY 384,857,605 and delay damages thereon were approved. It’s not clear whether this now settles the matter as the trustee said that CoinLab, Inc. could file an appeal against the assessment with it unclear how long they have to file such potential appeal. It is reported that Coinlab is the largest trustee of Mt. Gox.


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