Leon Li Becomes the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Pantronics Holdings and Suggested Rebranding

[ChainDD report] September 12 (ChainDD) Pantronics Holdings, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange released an announcement on September 10th. Leon Li, the founder and CEO of Huobi, becomes the executive director, chairman of the board and the CEO of the Pantronics Holdings since Sepetember 10th.

Another announcement released in that evening shows that the board of directors suggested rebranding the company to Huobi Technology Holding limited.

They said the new name will not only help Pantronics Holdings expand into technology industry while developing their manufacturing business, but also better reflect the company’s strategy and development plans.

It was also mentioned in the announcement that the rebranding will be finished after the board of directors reach a consensus to register the company in British Virgin Islands and after the registration is done.


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