Ethereum’s Testnet Activation of the Istanbul Hard Fork in Early October

[ChainDD report] September 10 (ChainDD) On September 6th, Hudson Jameson, a manager of Ethereum Foundation community, said on a core developer call that Ethereum will expect a system upgrade—testnet of the Istanbul hard fork around the 2nd of October. The specific upgrade date will depend on the blockchain generation rate before October and the testnet can be launched around October 2nd.

Ethereum’s original plan was to activate the testnet on September 4th but the plan has been postponed due to the reason that Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) has not been audited this year. Only 6 out of 30 EIP proposed by developers are included in the Istanbul upgrading while the other 8 EIP are expected to issue in the Berlin hard fork.

Due to the delay of Istanbul testnet activation, the mainnet activation will similarly be postponed until November after the close of Devcon, a developer conference of Ethereum. The specific date and block height for mainnet activation are left unknown.


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