"2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival" Will Be Held on August 7th, with Part of the Digital Artworks Been Revealed in Advance

Abstract : The "2021 Cyber ​​Beijing Digital Art Festival" will be mainly divided into three parts: digital artwork exhibition, digital art forum, and auction of digital artworks.


Jul 29

In early 2021, digital artist Beeple's work "5000 Days" has been sold for nearly $70 million in the world's top auction house Christie's. After that, numerous artists and companies including NBA players, Manchester United, AC Milan, Twitter CEO, The Associated Press, Gucci and Fox have successively launched their own NFT digital works, causing an upsurge of creating digital IP on the chain.

In order to remember such a highly digital generation and to present the latest achievements of contemporary art in the virtual world, ChainDD, TMTPost Media Group, CryptoC and METACHI jointly launched the first "Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival", which will be held in "The Crypto Folding Park" from August 7th to August 10th.

The above picture shows the offline office building "Folding Park" and the virtual building "Folding Park on the Chain" in the art festival.

What Is "Cyber ​​Beijing Digital Art Festival"?

This is the world's first digital art exhibition and ideological agitation meeting with offline buildings and on-chain cyber world. It conveys the charm of digital culture and digital art in the form of interweaving and interconnecting reality and fantasy.

This digital art festival will be held offline and on chain simultaneously. The "Folding Park" will be transformed into a cyberpunk-style science and technology art gallery for digitally artwork exhibitions offline, while in the "Cryptovoxels encrypted metaverse", "the Crypto Folding Park" will bloom the charm of digital art in virtual time and space on the chain.

The "2021 Cyber ​​Beijing Digital Art Festival" will be mainly divided into three parts: digital artworks' exhibition, forum about "digital art" and auction of digital artworks..

Highlight 1: Centralized Appreciation of World-renowned Digital Artworks

About 200+ artworks ,180+ digital artists, and 80+ well-known guests in the crypto industry are going to participate in the "2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival". Many exhibits by famous NFT artists at home and abroad will make close observation available.

Song Ting: Flower That does Not Exist

baiwei: Dunhuang Dreaming HQ

Hackatao: Queen of Punks

EXCALIBUR: PRAYABLE (Nagoshi no Harae)

Highlight 2: On-chain and Offline Exhibition, Real and Fantasy Intertwined

The Crypto Folding Park

TMTPost Innovation Park (also known as "Folding Park")

"The Crypto Folding Park" is a virtual exhibition hall on the chain of the "2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival". It took nearly two months to design and build by the team of ChainDD, TMTPost, Crypto C and National Architect Cthuwork. "The Crypto Folding Park " is based on the prototype of Beijing TMTPost Innovation Park (also known as "Folding Park").

Some of the exhibited artworks displayed offline in this "Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival" will also be displayed, disseminated and exchanged in the space of "the Crypto Folding Park". It is available for global users to browse and visit simultaneously in real time. 

In addition, part of the limited edition tickets of this "Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival" will be creatively minted into NFT and distributed in the form of on-chain performance art, so that more people can experience the charm of NFT by themselves.

Highlight 3: Digital Art Forum, the Most Cutting-edge "Technology + Art" Brainstorm Meeting

The forum will focus on the four themes of "Inversion of Truth: The First Year of Digital Art", "All Things Grow in NFT", "Metaverse and the Native World on the Chain", and "Multi-Chain Universe: Thinkers' Forum".

Highlight 4: NFT Workshop, Teach You How to Create Digital Artworks

This "2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival" will create an exclusive creative workshop, where senior digital artists will make presentations for the whole process of NFT design, creation, production and trading, take people on-site practical experiments, and let them truly experience the fun of digital art from 0 to 1.

Brief Introduction of the Organizers:

TMTPost Media Group started from the leading domestic technology and financial media, has now become the world's leading technology investment and industry service platform, as well as the one of the most representative new media benchmarks in China. It commits to become an internationally influential digital ecosystem service business. 

ChainDD, a leading Chinese blockchain information service company facing the world, focuses on blockchain information, data and technical solutions. It has branches in Beijing, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and other places currently. It is also a core member of the media committee of the National Information Center "Blockchain Service Network Alliance (BSN)". ChainDD's headquarter company in North America is also a founding member of the United Nations International Blockchain Alliance (BAI).

CryptoC is one of the most influential NFT communities in China, gathering high-quality creators, fans, project owners and investors both domestic and international. "Feng Chao", which is an encrypted art gallery incubated by CryptoC, focuses on eastern culture, virtual encryption and the Z era. It is the first domestic "gallery" aimed at promoting Chinese culture in the virtual world. Its venture capital fund "WaveC" aims at giving support to Chinese creators and investing in new era content production projects.

METACHI, the world's first crypto art selection, brokerage and service platform, obtained the seed round investment from TMTPost Media Group, ChainDD and Yiping network, three top platforms in fields of science and technology, blockchain and art. It is committed to building a global digital art selection platform and providing global distribution and promotion services for high-quality digital art works, as well as to helping artists expand the digital art market. The famous artist Yin Chaoyang, who has been on the list of Hurun Art List for 8 consecutive years, has signed with METACHI. Others also include Chinese Artists Association member Mi Qiaoming and president of Chinese and Western Art Research Institute Yu Runde.

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