ChainDD Launched Its First "Metaverse" Work: "The Crypto Folding Park"

Abstract : The "2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival" will be held from August 7 to 10 in the "Folding Park" of TMTPost Media Group and ChainDD.


Jul 27


What is the "Crypto Folding Park"?

"The Crypto Folding Park" is the exhibition hall on blockchain of the "2021 Cyber ​​Beijing Digital Art Festival". It took nearly two months to design and build by ChainDD, TMTPost, CryptoC, and National Architect Cthuwork with his team.

As an NFT work built on the well-known metaverse platform Crypto Voxels in the Ethereum ecosystem, "the Crypto Folding Park" is regarded as a bridge connecting the physical pavilion and the cyber world on the chain. It is the first time in the world to use the concept of "Metaverse" on a real building. It conveys the charm of digital art in the form of interweaving and interconnecting reality and fantasy. For the first time, it completes homomorphic exhibitions of digital assets, digital artworks, and digital cultural dissemination.

Different from the virtual studios and virtual exhibition halls in the past, "the Crypto Folding Park" itself is an exquisite digital art work. At the same time, it is also a combined NFT asset that attracts global digital encryption users. It is available for global users to browse and visit simultaneously in real time, and for different types of NFT digital art works to be combined for exhibition, and the works, designs, even the architectural design itself in the exhibition hall can be replaced at any time according to the needs of the exhibition.

How will the "The Crypto Folding Park " be used in the future?

"The Crypto Folding Park" will open on-chain exhibitions and works display spaces to digital artists, enthusiasts, investors and researchers all around the world. The essence of the exhibited works in this "Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival", as well as more digital art works around the world will be displayed, disseminated, and distributed in the space of "the Crypto Folding Park".

"The Crypto Folding Park does not belong to a certain person or a certain group, it belongs to every ordinary person who is committed to creating and contributing to the aesthetics and ideas of digital art. And this is also our original intention to hold this digital art festival and create the digital encrypted artwork 'the Crypto Folding Park'," said Li Feifan, one of the partners of TMTPost Media Group and the president of ChainDD.

What is the value of "the Crypto Folding Park"?

"The Crypto Folding Park" is given the aesthetic value of the physical architecture by a famous Chinese young architect Ma Di. It is also given the brand meaning of the first "Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival" on-chain exhibition hall and the traffic attention of many top NFT works in the world on this chain and offline exhibitions.

It is designed and built by national architect Cthuwork, who is the top digital construction and design team in China. It is operated by the China's top technology and financial media -- TMTPost Media Group, the blockchain head media-- ChainDD; and a well-known NFT community -- CryptoC.

Tang Han, the curator of the "Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival" and the founder of CryptoC, believes that this will be a landmark of Crypto Voxels.

What is the origin of the creation of "the Crypto Folding Park"?

The creation and design of "the Crypto Folding Park" is inspired by the famous building TMTPost "Folding Park", which is also known as "TMTPost Innovation Park" at No. 20 Guangmao Street, Daxing District, Beijing. This place is also the location of the offline physical exhibition hall of the "2021 Cyber ​​Beijing Digital Art Festival".

"Folding Park"

The "Folding Park" is a well-known building in Beijing's Science & Technology and media circles. Its design and concept came from Ma Di, a well-known young architect in China and the founder and the host architect of Approch Design Office.

When talking about how to understand real architecture and digital encrypted architectural design, Ma Di said, "this is a cross-border and cross-field digital art summary of idea".

"2021 Cyber ​​Beijing·Digital Art Festival" is a borderless global exhibition. In the Crypto Voxels on-chain exhibition hall, digital artists, technologists and investors from all over the world can overcome geographical barriers and participate in the interactive tour of the exhibition hall with the audience of the physical exhibition in real time.

Brief Introduction of the Organizers:

TMTPost Media Group started from the leading domestic technology and financial media, has now become the world's leading technology investment and industry service platform, as well as the one of the most representative new media benchmarks in China. It commits to become an internationally influential digital ecosystem service business. 

ChainDD, a leading Chinese blockchain information service company facing the world, focuses on blockchain information, data and technical solutions. It has branches in Beijing, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and other places currently. It is also a core member of the media committee of the National Information Center "Blockchain Service Network Alliance (BSN)". ChainDD's headquarter company in North America is also a founding member of the United Nations International Blockchain Alliance (BAI).

CryptoC is one of the most influential NFT communities in China, gathering high-quality creators, fans, project owners and investors both domestic and international. "Feng Chao", which is an encrypted art gallery incubated by CryptoC, focuses on eastern culture, virtual encryption and the Z era. It is the first domestic "gallery" aimed at promoting Chinese culture in the virtual world. Its venture capital fund "WaveC" aims at giving support to Chinese creators and investing in new era content production projects.

METACHI, the world's first crypto art selection, brokerage and service platform, obtained the seed round investment from TMTPost Media Group, ChainDD and Yiping network, three top platforms in fields of science and technology, blockchain and art. It is committed to building a global digital art selection platform and providing global distribution and promotion services for high-quality digital art works, as well as to helping artists expand the digital art market. The famous artist Yin Chaoyang, who has been on the list of Hurun Art List for 8 consecutive years, has signed with METACHI. Others also include Chinese Artists Association member Mi Qiaoming and president of Chinese and Western Art Research Institute Yu Runde.

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