Securities Daily: the "Singles Day Big Sales" Is Becoming A Blockchain Scenario Application "Training Ground"

Abstract : Specifically, the blockchain technology is widely used in the area of e-commerce.


Nov 13

According to the report by Securities Daily, in the "Singles Day (November 11)" this year, both Alibaba and JD Digital have widely used digital technology capabilities such as cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and some emerging technologies to support the "Singles Day Big Sales".

Chen Wen, director of the Digital Economy Research Center of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview that the "Big Sale" on November 11 was currently becoming a "training ground" for emerging technologies, and blockchain technology was playing an important role in the promotion of big sales in the past two years.

Specifically, the blockchain technology is widely used in the area of e-commerce. On the one hand, the blockchain technology can solve the problem of product traceability, which can store all related data in the whole process that from material procurement, factory processing, logistics and transportation, commodity storage to delivery and distribution. It can make sure that the entire source can be traced.

On the other hand, the blockchain technology can also help the e-commerce platform to strengthen the control over the third-party merchants, reduce the infringement disputes between them, and prevent merchants from transaction data fraud and fake comments.

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