ChainDD Dialogue: BSN will Abide by Four Principles to Promote the Development of Blockchain Technology

Abstract : Liu stated that the popularization of new technologies should abide by the principle of "able to use, good to use, easy to use and be useful".


May 30

In a dialogue with ChainDD on May 29, CPO of Beijing Red Date Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Guodong said that BSN (Blockchain Service Network) was an infrastructure platform that conformed to the development concept of "infrastructure facility" put forward by China.

Liu told ChainDD that BSN had node distributions in all provinces of China, and it is the country's most extensive blockchain infrastructure. Red Date Tech is also one of the urban nodes of BSN.

Besides, with blockchain nodes deployed on all continents around the world, "information exchange" is realized between nodes with the widest distribution.

When referring to the popularization of new technologies, Liu said that it should abide by the principle of "able to use, good to use, easy to use and be useful". He explained,

"The first is 'able to use'. In this regard, we start with the popularization and training of blockchain technology. We conduct online training every week and invite core developers of the underlying framework of BSN such as Fabric, Fisco Bcos, Baidu Super Chain, etc., to popularize the blockchain technology.

The second level is 'easy to use'. The most prominent aspect of this is that BSN provides a resource that is extremely low-cost and adapts to multiple mainstream open-source underlying frameworks, allowing developers to quickly get started with blockchain development at low cost.

The third level is 'easy of use'. Through cooperation with the underlying blockchain framework and through technological innovations such as smart gateways, BSN provides developers with a standard and unified development interface, greatly reducing the difficulties to develop blockchain applications.

The last one is 'be useful'. BSN launched the 'BSN Qualified Developer Certification Service', bringing a large number of outstanding individuals and enterprise blockchain developers together, giving developers more preferential policies and supports of technologies and applications."

At the end of the talk, he used "drilling mode" and "water pipe network mode" to describe two ways of building a blockchain platform. In his view, a single-structure blockchain platform is equivalent to a "well-drilling model", in which the developer will dig a big well in customers' own yard when they need to drink water (using blockchain).

While in the second mode, if customers need to drink water (using blockchain), they just need to turn on the faucet at home. Apparently, BSN belongs to the latter one. 

Also, in terms of "drinking water", the "well-drilling model" is costly and time-consuming, but the "water pipe network model" is low-cost and easy to use, which is the real "infrastructure". 

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