Liumai Digital Technology is Approved to Build the "BSN Alliance Commercial Portal" And Comprehensively Promote Blockchain "New Infrastructure"

Abstract : Beijing Liumai Digital Technology Co., Ltd. became a core member of the technical development of the "China Blockchain Service Network (BSN) Alliance".


Apr 25

On April 24, 2020, Beijing Liumai Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liumai Digital Technology") became a core member of the technical development of the "China Blockchain Service Network (BSN) Alliance". It is going to rely on the channels and brands of BSN Alliance members resources, responsible for building and operating the BSN external product portal system, providing one-stop alliance chain deployment, as well as operation and maintenance services for local government projects, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and commercial companies.

In terms of technology implementation and productization, Liumai Digital Technology will further develop and launch a series of alliance chain scenario service solutions that are in line with actual use and implementation on the basis of BSN, a self-controllable alliance chain bottom architecture solution, to dock and guide the actual digitalization, blockchain upgrade and transformation needs, and promote its commercial scale.

As ChainDD has known, in late May of this year, two major products of Liumai Digital Technology will be launched for commercial use, namely "Liumai BSN Cloud Service" and "Liumai BSN Alliance Chain BaaS Service Platform". These two products are blockchain platforms suitable for large-scale enterprise-level applications created by Liumai Digital Technology. They have the characteristics of high availability, high performance, strong privacy protection, and scalability. Through the open alliance chain deployment tool, they have worked together with various industries and authoritative nodes to solve problems such as high cost of the existing block network, difficult development, and large-scale commercial landing. We have built a terminal-oriented business system for small and medium-sized enterprises and developers to solve the issue of infrastructure deployment for digital transformation.

By then, Liumai Digital Technology will become the first commercial service network launched by BSN for the market and the first BSN business portal to be officially put into operation.

At the signing ceremony of the BSN alliance, the CEO of Liumai Digital Technology told to Chaindd that all the production processes of Liumai Digital Technology and the development progress of the BSN alliance system are proceeding smoothly as planned. At the same time, the needs of many service scenarios and project cooperation have gradually become clear. Liumai Digital Technology will take advantage of the "new infrastructure" to work with industry partners to promote the process of building a larger digital infrastructure in China.

With the continuous deepening of commercial services, Liumai Digital Technology will strengthen and enrich the "new infrastructure" category on the basis of the BSN alliance chain basic network architecture, aggregate and create the long-tail service effect of the case, package and publicize the head case; also, it will guide more business entity to enter the area, to achieve deep integration of financial, Internet of Things, government and other industrial fields, and form a technology cluster effect based on "new infrastructure" services.

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