ChainDD Is Selected As BSN Alliance Member Together With Baidu, UnionPay and Minsheng Bank

Abstract : ChainDD is selected as the main member of the media committee in BSN alliance, and fulfills the corresponding powers and obligations.


Apr 04

On March 24, 2020, through the resolution of the Standing Council of the Blockchain Service Network Development Alliance (BSN), the following units were decided to become the second batch of member units to join the alliance: Beijing Baidu Wangxun Technology Co., Ltd., DuChain Network Technology (  Hainan) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xita Technology Co., Ltd., China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd., UnionPay Commercial Co., Ltd., ChainDD Finance (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

The Blockchain Service Network Development Alliance (BSN) was led by the National Information Center and was jointly initiated by China Mobile Communications Corporation, China UnionPay Co., Ltd., and Beijing Red Date Technology Co., Ltd.  The alliance has a cloud service committee, developer committee, financial committee, media committee, and industrial capital committee. There are currently 19 member units in the alliance.  This time ChainDD joined BSN alliance as the main member of the media committee, and fulfills the corresponding powers and obligations.

The BSN Alliance integrates and coordinates the resources and capabilities of various members in the fields of technology research and development, cloud resources, financial products and media publicity to form a joint force and coordination mechanism for the comprehensive development of the service network within the alliance to ensure the long-term and stable development of the service network, which can gradually form a global infrastructure network that can continuously reduce the cost of development, deployment, operation and maintenance, interoperability and regulatory of blockchain applications.

A spokesman for the BSN Alliance said that the service network project is vast and requires constant innovation and optimization.  As the second batch of member units join the alliance, they will bring more comprehensive capability into the development of BSN, work together to create a win-win business ecosystem around BSN, and promote the rapid development of China's alliance chain infrastructure.

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