2019 CHAINSIGHTS | Daniel P. Harris: Enabling a Shared Creator Economy

Abstract : Our mission is to empower the professional video creators to make a living and doing what they love without compromises the artistic integrity. Initially you need to enable the same professional video creator to participate in the creative ecosystem.


Oct 18

Daniel P. Harris, the CEO & Founder of Full Circus, has given a speech at the 2019 CHAINSIGHTS Fintech and Blockchain Summit hosted by ChainDD on October 10 in New York, in which he talked about how to build an economy of shared creator in terms of tokenization.

CHAINSIGHTS is a global platform to connect the blockchain and fintech innovators with the supporters and investors from East and West and carry the critical mission to unlock our community's potential, to empower revolutionaries to challenge the status quo and to create a better digital future of our financial life.

The following is the transcript of his speech:

Good afternoon, everybody. I'm feeling so much more important now. Thank you for your kindness. Enabling a creator economy is a pretty big giving and asking statement, and bold proposition. You are all going to hear eventually the tokenization around this, which is why we are honored today to have Mr. Roel Campos, but let's go straight into it. It requires a very different thinking mode. And in that sense you need to bring together the right group of people. Therefore, we brought together a world class team, my co-founder Ben Ziskind, Greg Decker and Mark Ramberg. You also need to be able to solve some quite big problems, and the problem we are identifying in the universe of creators is that the pro video creator today is properly incentivized, which means that the second you upload your videos, it's a speculative environment of earning. In addition to that, the value of your video is diluted because it's no longer exclusive. Additionally, the pro video creators are putting in over 100 hours plus creating an individual video, whereas social stars, can use their iPhone in a matter of 90 minutes to post up a video.

So it is a distorted economic field. So to boot, on top of that there is a very significant portion of audio creators who don't properly clear their auto and claims come up, which means they lose 100% of their revenue. When you talk about the tokenization and Bitcoin, that's where the future lives. 

The other main point is that the advertisers themselves require good and short‑form videos, and they want to use the video as a mechanism to connect with the emergency audiences. Today the likes of VICE, before they made the move to broadcast were generating 500 million annually. So as a mass aggregator and supplier of white labels, our goal is to be able to get the highest quality premium content to the most authentic content creators. Our solution is to allow creators to upload their video, leverage our AI platform, determine the value of the video and be able to match the video together with predictive analytics with the digital agencies, publishers and brands who want to leverage that same brand, to connect with GenZ and millennial audience. You're also relying upon disruption DNA and that would be DPH.

The DPH is the abbreviation of my name, and I'm Daniel P. Harris. Populating their number one video side by side with the likes of MTV Yahoo, the biggest player in entertainment, on top of that we launched the first video. Additionally, the content that might scare some of you is in the realm of EDM music, and I had the privilege of building the video identity of the two biggest EDM festival brands in the world, and EDC and ultra music festival.

So all of this ultimately is about connecting with youth, motivating youth, and staying on the pulse of popular culture. These are making it all happen to us. In addition, you need a cutting-age creator network. So we wanted to show some things that typically are not video that you would watch, but that resonates with young audiences. More importantly, we want to put out the notion that when east meets west, and you have a very hungry motivated young audience in China, how we as a company can have the privilege of sharpening and molding and supporting those creators to be able to create content that entertains and inspires. So here are some examples of our Instagram‑type assets. These are just some experts, little teaser snacks and stories. So within a creator economy you need to be able to scale massively. You need to have an AI‑enabled curatorial platform. Within that there are five population prediction variables, and we have mastered two and a half of them, and we are continuing to input our original data scores, using a human assisted process combined with data machine learning elements every day. So in order to create this economy, you need to have a clear mission. Our mission is to empower the professional video creators to make a living and doing what they love without compromises the artistic integrity. Initially you need to enable the same professional video creator to participate in the creative ecosystem. When you think of the likes of YouTubes, those platforms got may, the creators got nothing then they got sold for billions of dollars, and YouTube is exploiting that dab today with efficient manner, with human bias as well as algorithm bias can. We want to challenge and change that. And ultimately you need to have a clear purpose which is to protect, preserve and empower vast creativity that entertains and inspires youth culture. So we are Full Circus, and we believe there is an attainable outcome which is ultimately being at the intersection of a modern day music label, a modern day studio with the blockchain elements of transactional transparency. And to boot, we do trust the creators because they are important to this business, and I know you guys want to hear about tokenization and that plan is going to role out. From those that want to hear it from me directly, I'll be happy to share it with you in Beijing on December 6th‑8th.

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