Tesra SuperNet Lights Wall Street: A World Dream of a Chinese Innovation Team

Abstract : "Today, we are standing here, just to prove that a Chinese innovation team can also make world-leading achievements. We hope to play a demonstration role and encourage the Chinese team to boldly tell their own innovation stories to the world." —Leo Lam, Partner, Tesra SuperNet Technology.


Oct 16

An innovation team from China set off a big discussion on Wall Street about “the driving force for future economic growth”.

2019 CHAINSIGHTS Financial Technology and Blockchain Global Summit, hosted by ChainDD, TMTPost and NBD, was officially held at the NEW YORK MARRIOTT MARQUIS on October 10th 2019.

Tesra SuperNet - an innovation team from China, was invited to attend the summit, with SEC commissioner Roel Campos, McKinsey senior partner Peter Walker, BSV community leader Craig Wright and other heavyweight guests. They discussed the development trend and pattern of financial technology and blockchain.

On the same day, Leo Lam, a partner of Tesra's supercomputer technology, put forward a forward-looking view of the “new production relationship stimulating the innovation dividend” in the keynote speech, which triggered widespread concern and strong response on the spot.

Economic growth depends on the Pareto improvement effect, while the Pareto improvement effect comes from the labor dividend. Leo pointed out that “the labor dividend in China and the United States is being lost, so we must find a new Pareto improvement effect, and we believe it should be the new dividend boosted by innovation.”

When it comes to the “Innovation Dividend”, Leo added that “In this environment, the entire social economy will enter a new round of growth only if more entrepreneurs seek entrepreneurial opportunities from all walks of life and turn into business productivity. ”

Regarding the “new production relationship”, Leo conducted a longitudinal analysis and elaboration. He said, “In the era of steam, electricity or the Internet, there is a truth that new technologies can increase productivity, and new mechanisms can promote collaboration and ultimately win.”

He pointed out that the "productivity" and "production materials" in the intelligent era are AI (artificial intelligence) and data, and the blockchain and the pass-through ecosystem will be important new "production relations" in this era. The new production relationship will make collaboration more effective and broad.

(The right one is Leo Lam, Tesra Supercomputer Network Technology Partner)

From the current business environment, it is not difficult to see that AI is becoming more closely related to all walks of life. IBM, Google, Apple, Alibaba, Huawei and other companies that have been proved successful in historical practice have already been walking in the forefront of the world in AI technology research and development. At the same time, however, the centralized AI service market is generally characterized by high computational cost, leakage of private data, and data monopoly. As a result, the current AI market is still monopolized by giants, and the willingness of individuals and SMEs to participate has been greatly reduced.

"In the AI era, personal data privacy and security should be protected, and everyone has the right to use cost-effective AI services." Leo is firmly convinced this point.

To this end, the Tesra SuperNet builds a decentralized value network using blockchain technology by integrating globally dispersed GPU computing resources. This new production relationship and innovative business model can provide more efficient and convenient resource services for AI developers around the world, and lower the threshold of AI industry, allowing more people to participate in this AI transformation.

"The basis of innovation is to ensure the ownership of production content, and everyone will have the motivation and enthusiasm for innovation. Secondly, the form of resource organization must be convenient, the cost-effectiveness must be good enough, and more people can choose." Leo told to ChainDD, Tesra The super-computing network builds a credible computing environment based on the blockchain, realizes the protection of user data and privacy, and realizes the substantial reduction of computing cost. The adoption of the pass-through economy further stimulates the enthusiasm of users to participate in creative creation.

As Leo puts it, “Tesra's SuperNet chose to combine AI and blockchain because the cause and effect are not in technology.” Obviously, Tesra's SuperNet is in line with development trend in terms of the social design of business models and technical selection.

Tesra Pure AI Driven Robot

In front of the top business leaders on Wall Street, Leo showed them the AI deep learning computing platform based on Tesra SuperNet. At present, the platform has been successfully launched and operated stably. Global AI developers and enthusiasts can obtain GPU computing resources less than 80% of the market cost on the platform, and carry out AI model training and development efficiently and conveniently.

At the same time, he also demonstrated the intelligent robot which was developed on the platform. AI developers can complete the development and training of the model on the platform, then push the training results to the edge of the intelligent robot, which is driven by the AI model and algorithm to demonstrate and implement the functions of the intelligent robot.

At present, Tesra Overcomputing Network is an arithmetic network with 60,000 community members and 20 Peta flops + (i.e. "Thousands of trillions of floating-point operations per second"). With the success of this summit, Tesra OverComputing Network formally entered the North American market, opening up the global strategy of power sharing.

Leo said that in the worldwide Tesra is the farthest and most landing innovative practice in the cross-cutting areas of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and block chains. It is based on such a "pioneer" role that they dare to try.

"Today, we stand on Wall Street, the central stage of the world economy and finance, to demonstrate our achievements. We want to prove that an innovation team from China can also make world-leading achievements. We hope to play an exemplary role, and hope that more teams like us in China can boldly share their innovation stories with these people. " Leo said that in the current tense situation between China and the United States, people want to see such a team come forward.

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