Vice President of ZB group Aurora Wong: crypto winter thaws, a stronger and more mature industry is revealed

Abstract : Vice President of ZB group Aurora Wong said at the ChainDD Consensus Night, crypto winter thaws, a stronger and more mature industry is revealed.


May 15

Hello, I want to thank everyone for coming tonight. It’s great to see so many familiar faces and meet so many more for the first time. You know, working in crypto we are all dispersed and constantly traveling so getting everyone together is something we can all appreciate!

Consensus is our best opportunity to come together and it is important. Everyone here in this room understands whats at stake. Challenging the legacy systems is not easy, but we are the one’s who see how necessary it is and have found our own ways to contribute.

As this so called crypto winter thaws, a stronger and more mature industry is revealed. It usually goes this way right? The best work, the best opportunities, are present in the bear market! You can look at the market from any angle today and see the real progress being made. On the technical side, we see market cap leaders like Ethereum successfully working toward Ethereum 2.0 deliverables; we see a healthy and growing EOS community with more and more dapps coming online; and then we see completely new and inspired projects delivering value. I even see most of the past year’s forks as a positive sign of more activity and natural part of progress. 

Many here have also been working hard to lift the regulatory fog… an equally critical aspect for crypto adoption. This maturation is reflected by traditional institutions like JP Morgan getting directly involved in the space and social media giants like Facebook actively seeking blockchain solutions to address their own challenges.  

Last week, US Congressman Sherman went a bit viral with video of his proposing a bill to ban the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. 

Crazy right? He actually said that cryptocurrencies are a threat to the US dollar… It’s nice to see a politician who actually understands!

But in all seriousness, his proposal would have been a much bigger threat ten or even five years ago. But now? I’m sorry, but that train has left the station. The momentum of the crypto space has snowballed beyond anything any congressman can dictate away. We are going to continue to build, we are going to continue to unlock new value, and we are all going to continue to contribute!

As for myself and ZB Exchange… I’m always glad when people ask me about ZB and how we contribute, because that means I get to highlight how we put action behind our words. Its easy to say or anyone to say they are fighting the good fight. So I will leave you with a brief introduction to our track record and where we are going. 

A lot of people don’t realize but our exchange,, is fast approaching our six year anniversary. In fact we will be celebrating just next month. Since 2013 we’ve been continually upgrading security standards and exceeding industry best practices; and we’ve been successful on that front.

As one of the absolute earliest crypto exchanges, we have never had any issues with securing assets. I can and do say thank God but I also say thank you to our massive engineering team and our decision to prioritize security from day one.

ZB also stands out from a user experience perspective. We were the first with the resources, liquidity and vision to deliver not just margin trading… not just OTC… not just crypto collaterlized loans…. but to actually deliver an experience that brings all these tools and more to one dashboard.  ZB was not founded to be a mid tier, average exchange. From its very inception, the goal has been to deliver a product worthy of the most sophisticated traders.

A lot of this isn’t as well known as it should be because of language barriers and a rebranding from the early days as But now word is getting out.

I’ll give you one example, its a little known fact that our exchange was the very first to deliver blue chip tokens like ETH and EOS to mainland China. In those early days for Ethereum, over 80% of all ETH was trading on our exchange!

Our philosophy is to strike a balance between listing only the highest quality of projects and also being first to deliver exclusive projects to market.

And we really are strict. Just look at the results of our listing policies… after six years of trading, you may expect ZB to have four or five-hundred tokens floating around. But instead you will find we only recently crossed 100 trading pairs total. That’s just about 80 unique projects supported. That’s a big difference between us and most others. Our results match our words when we state that ZB is a highly curated first tier exchange.

We’re shooting for a “no shit coin zone” if you will. 

Because we are built for the long term and to do that we realize we have to put our users interests above all else. Our users make money, our users see success, and that’s why our users know they can trust ZB is not listing garbage, or attaching our name to any IEO just for the sake of it.

Despite the latest trends in that direction, ZB Exchange has only leveraged our ZB Launchpad once; and with great success. VSYS launched with exclusive rights on ZB Exchange and our sister platforms ZBG and BW. They are also both part of ZB Group. The raise completed in a mere 12 seconds, a testament to our communities strength and faith in the projects we cooperate with.

Much of the ZB community are “OG” traders. They’ve been with us from the earliest days, before ETH and before the ICO wave. The trust and community is strong and we never want to abuse that.

Over these six years, has accepted the responsibility of being the flagship for ZB Group. Our group manages many entities in addition to 

This includes partner exchanges with their own unique features and strengths such as who is the world’s first mining pools based exchange and innovative wallets such as BitBank and long time media holdings.

Over the years we have also offered a lot of support to independent projects via our investment and research institutes. ZB Capital and ZB Labs have a long track record of funding and investment in the space.

Together, ZB’s variety of resources reinforce each other, helping us to make major contributions to push the crypto space forward and increase adoption.

That’s what ZB is about. And I know that’s what everyone here is also working toward. Despite any previous successes, we are all here because we understand the enormous work that remains to be done. There’s a lot of talent and heart in this room and we need both of those if we are to successfully deliver cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. This year is big. It is our opportunity!

So tonight, as we mingle and share, I offer a toast to the hard work already contributed and the potential of what we can still achieve together. Cheers!

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