DD Show | Financial Technology Services Provider: Liquidigy

Abstract : DD Show, the global roadshow platform for elite blockchain projects was launched on April 9. Investors and projects from six cities in three countries including New York, Beijing, LA, Charlotte, Sydney, and Shenzhen joined in real time communications with Liquidigy, financial technology services provider.


May 22

Project Name



Liquidigy, based in Silicon Valley, is a financial technology services provider that empowers businesses and investors with the tools needed to issue and invest in fully compliant equity and asset-backed security tokens. Liquidigy combines leading innovations in blockchain development with rigorous regulatory compliance standards in its TaaS (Tokenization-as-a-Service) platform.

Security tokens created, issued, and governed on the Liquidigy TaaS platform provide businesses faster access to capital at lower cost, more efficient equity governance and greater opportunities for investor liquidity.

Funding Statue

Under $1 Million seed raised finance through SAFT.


Blockchain, Financial Service, Security Token, STO

Live Broadcast of DD Show

Website for Liquidigy: https://www.liquidigy.com/

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