DD Show | NovoPlexus, a Blockchain-Empowered Medical Service Platform

Abstract : DD Show, the global roadshow platform for elite blockchain projects introduced NovoPlexus, a Blockchain-Empowered Medical Service Platform.


May 21

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NovoPlexus was founded at the beginning of 2018, with a strong belief that if the U.S. is going to remain the world leader in healthcare many years into the future, we're going to need a more democratic system that provides enough flexibility for rapid innovation.  To accomplish this, we've built an architecture on the Ethereum platform that uses blockchain with advanced data analytics (AI/machine learning) in a very creative way to empower patients, making it easier for them to find health and wellness services, control their spending with price transparency and secure their sensitive information with a unique digital identity.  To accomplish this, we created a Marketplace with an innovative decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem which can supply a wide range of benefits to users, such as visit scheduling, digital engagement, dietary coaching, food delivery, educational activities, medical records, prescriptions, telemedicine and revenue cycle management.  We also developed a referencing system so that bulky medical records are not stored on the blockchain, only accessed for the period of time they are needed.  Sensitive information never leaves the location in which it was created, and only the immutable and encrypted record of the access transaction is stored on the blockchain for future reference.

Funding Status

The current funding round is gaining momentum with initial capital secured from a very motivated investor who has committed to both future financing as well as to NovoPlexus’ strategic planning.


Prakash Hosalli, Co-founder & CEO is a creative, entrepreneurial leader with more than 20 years spent building digital products and driving enterprise technology transformation. LinkedIn Profile 

William Reisacher, MD FACS FAAOA, Co-founder & CMO designate is a board-certified otolaryngologist with over 25 years of experience practicing clinical medicine and surgery.  Dr. Reisacher holds multiple patents in the area of allergy diagnostics and is an experienced team leader for government-sponsored research.  He serves as an advisor and investor to several biotech companies and is a company founder in both the biopharmaceutical and digital healthtech spaces. LinkedIn Profile 


Digital Healthtech

Live Broadcast of DD Show

Website for NOVOPLEXUS: http://novoplexus.com 

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